February 11, 2020

The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I think declaring a day “romantic” and “for love” puts unnecessary pressure on people and relationships (and make people feel badly about themselves) and I just don't love it. I can, however, get behind the new unofficial “Galentine's Day”. I live for a day dedicated to celebrating the women in our life who life us up throughout the year.

Since one of my favorite things to do is to surprise my girls with little gifts, Galentine's is the perfect opportunity to buy my favorites a special treat. If you are looking for a way to say thank you to your favorite lady, I've complied a list to help you find the perfect Galentine's Day gift, whether you are looking for something big or small.

  1. This double-walled insulated glass mug has a fun, heart-shaped design inside, making it the PERFECT Galentine's Day gift.
  2. An easy way to combat losing your AirPodPros to the depths of your bag is to clip it to the strap with a cute little case. The pom-pom detail make this one extra fun.
  3. Not into big, pink pom-poms? Try this pretty marble AirPod case instead.
  4. This black and pink floral laptop case is under $20 and it's on my own personal computer right now. #twinning
  5. Customized barrettes are hot, hot, hot and I love anything that can include a name. Grab one of this blinged out bobby pins from etsy to say whatever you want.
  6. I bought both of my girls salt lamp nightlights for Christmas and they are obsessed. The salt adds negative ions into the air, which help to neutralize the positive ions given off from electronics. It's a very zen way to start your day.
  7. Summer Fridays face masks have a cult following and their newest addition, the R & R Mask, is a great gift idea for the beauty lover in your life.
  8. This may be my favorite gift that I have ever bought my girls. Initially, I bought Chloe this diamond necklace and then we gave one to Clara. My girls surprised me with one of my own this Christmas and we all wear it every day.
  9. This sweatshirt is the perfect Galentine's Day gift for the bookworm in your life.
  10. This is so much more than a makeup mirror. It lights up. It's an iHome. It has a magnification mirror. It does your taxes. Not really, but it really is an amazing makeup mirror.
  11. I'll be there for you…to wipe your feet on. And true friend will love this welcome mat.
  12. Gifts sets are always a huge hit and this Burt's Bees Kit hits the mark.
  13.  For the frequent flyer in your life, this Airplane Mode sweatshirt is sure to be a huge hit. I get compliments on mine every time I wear it.
  14. Every teen knows it's better to Catch Flights and Not Feelings, just like this t-shirt reminds you.
  15. Will you accept this wineglass? A true Bachelor fan will and they will thank you for it.
  16. This white teakettle is the perfect mix of glamour and elegance.
  17. I live for anything personalized and this phone case with the adorable heart is perfect for your Galentine.
  18. This is my gold-standard, secret weapon for salon quality blowout hair at home. Run, don't walk, to owning this blowdryer.
  19. Soft lips don't need to be just for kissing. Sara Happ lip kits are the gold standard and this kit is my current go-to.

What did I miss? What Galentine's day gift are you hoping to receive? Or what suggestion do you have?

XO, Christi

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