February 8, 2019

My Top 23 January Favorites

Every Friday, I drag out my vlog camera, slap on some mascara and try to give you five things that I am obsessed with for the week. Because it’s on my Instagram, I have to do this in less than one minute. It’s a challenge, but you guys are totally worth it.

Because I’m talking at warp speed, it’s easy to miss what I said, so here is a recap of all things that helped me get through the year that was January 2019: my January favorites! (For real, though, WHAT WAS UP with that month? Why did it feel like it was 87 weeks long?)

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  1. So, let’s start with these sweet little ribbon-wrapped hoops from J. Crew. I live for a hoop and the ribbon make them a little special. Plus, they came in two other colors, which I absolutely own. See the black here and the red here.
  2. UGGGGG, I love these UGG slippers so much that I bought a pair for everyone in the fam.
  3. These little enamel flower earrings are just enough to add a little “something” to your ear for a casual Friday. I have so many colors, like these and these.  Love the mint ones for warmer months.
  4. I made a Friends reference in one of my videos and my comments BLEW UP. Clearly, we all want Friends in our life and this mug is a fun way to make the mornings more bearable – a staple for this list of January favorites. And for the die-hards, check out this cookie jar. Dead.
  5. These are the balloon goblets that I use in all of my videos. I love that the fun designs prevent you from accidentally stealing your bestie’s glass.
  6. Hear me out: Yahtzee has made a major resurrection in my house and I am HERE FOR IT. It’s easy enough that we can play a quick family game AND it helps Clara practice her multiplication skills. Sounds like a win-win to me.
  7. APL sneakers have been a staple in my workout routine for years, but this new design eliminates the laces altogether. SUPER CUTE and an easy add to my list of January favorites.
  8. Another staple in my life is my signature scent from Jo Malone. They have the best fragrances and my personal favorite is Mimosa & Cardamom. I am super sensitive to synthetic smells (blazing migraines) but I have zero issues with this one and use it in everything, like cologne, body crème and candles. Plus, I get compliments on the way I smell from strangers ALL THE TIME. Weird, but it’s THAT good.
  9. Charlotte Tilbury has a cult following in the beauty blogger world and this Bronze & Glow palette makes it easy to see why. It gives you just the right amount of bronze-y glow and the highlighter is gorge. I don’t feel like an orange oompa loompa when I use it and that’s basically my criteria for a good bronze shade.
  10. Every time I post in this sweater, it’s what is talked about most in the comments. Everyone seems to love it and here’s the best part: it comes in great color options, like this one and this one. I also have it in this pink. And….ready for it? It’s UNDER $30! You're welcome!!
  11. This sweatshirt is another one of my go-tos: the sleeves make it special and the pink is the perfect petal pink. Plus, it’s a sweatshirt, which equals comfy and cozy.
  12. If you are a perpetual chapped lip sufferer, I am about to change your life: Algenist Lip Collagen. Use this minty gel once (or twice or five times a day) and you can kiss dry, cracked lips goodbye. Seriously.
  13. Then, your lips will be ready for this perfect blue-red lipstick from Marc Jacobs. I have a hard time with red lipsticks and I feel like this cool shade doesn’t end up looking orange on me. Love that.
  14. I am also in LOVE with this face steamer from Dr. Dennis Gross. It’s just the right size to fit on my bathroom counter so I can do a quick daily steam to help open my pores for my winter moisturizers. It has kept me feeling dewy all winter.
  15. Okay, this teakettle is EVERYTHING. Marc is not known for his exemplary gift giving abilities, but he hit a home run with this one. It’s LED lights correspond with the temperature you are heating your water to and it’s FAST. Def a new staple in my morning routine.
  16. Yoga pants lovers, repeat after me: AloSoft Yoga collection. Alo’s AloSoft line feels like wearing soft baby bunny rabbit and they have just enough support to make your butt look good.
  17. Speaking of good looking butts, is there anything better than the perfect pair of jeans? I think not. And Good American has figured out a way to make skinny jeans look good on several body types AND they are actually comfortable. Wha? I know. They focus on your best feature like Good Waist seen here and my personal go-tos: Good Legs.
  18. January is often the month of “New Year, New Me” and a gratitude journal helps to keep you present and appreciative of what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t. This cute one from Amazon is under $6, but you can even just grab a notebook and journal daily what makes you happy.
  19. I am an avid reader and I am always looking for a fun book to read before bed. I read the Crazy, Rich Asians series a few years ago and just recently re-read it after the blockbuster movie premiered. Super fun and highly recommended.
  20. This next recommendation comes from the littlest Lukasiak, so listen up. Clara is a professional packer and knows every hack out there and LOVES this packing cube set from Calpak. My whole fam has them: Chloe, Clara and me.
  21. Another Clara-inspired recommendation is this Pantene foam conditioner. She LOVES to play with the foam in the shower and it makes her hair like corn silk.
  22. January was a month of warmth and comfort for me and the ultimate example of this is this ultra soft, snuggly cardigan from Barefoot Dreams. You know those spa socks that feel like they have lotion in them? Well, this is a SWEATER that feels the same way. Yep. I have it in black and gray and may pick it up this cutie.
  23. And finally, who doesn’t love a little love? This sweater is too cute to NOT put on my January favorites list (and perfect for Valentine’s Day) with its little red hearts. Love, love

So, that’s it for my favs this month! Check out my Instragram @christilukasiak every Friday to see what I was obsessed with that week!

XO, Christi

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